How to Create a Focus Keyword in an Article

If you can craft your keyword strategy properly and your content is optimized for the perfect keywords, you can increase your website’s findability by adding content. But how do you create a focus keyword in an article? It can be hard to create a focus keyword to optimize especially if you are blogging and focusing on long-tail keywords.

Here are tips for you on how to create a focus keyword in an article:

  • Choose a focus keyword that is highly used to search

It should be your keyword strategy that will give you the idea of what you should write about. When it comes to blog posts, you should normally aim for the long-tail keywords. WordPress SEO plugins have a menu that can supplement your entry with a few suggestions that are based on the Google Suggest.

The terms from the suggestions are the combinations of the words that were mostly used by real people as they searched on the web. This is a helpful way for you to have your first ideas about the searching behavior of your target audience.  This is an example of one I saw recently – WatchGuard M300 for the price of a M200 This is an example of a long tail keyword and looks for someone to search that entire phrase.

  • Gather information about the search volume

Once you already found a focus long-tail keyword that you would want to begin ranking, make an effort in discovering and gathering information whether the search volume on your chosen focus keyword is high or not.

Google made this step really hard. For you to be sure on how the focus keyword is used is to have an alive and active AdWords account and bid on the focus keyword that you have chosen.  You can also use their keyword planner which can help.

But no need to worry too much. With the use of Google Trends, you can have some idea about the search volume in a creative way. It allows you to compare search volumes of at least 2 keywords over time. This will now give you the insight of the volume of people who use the keywords.

  • Google your proposed focus keyword

Aside from identifying the keywords used by people, you also need to know if your ideas for your content fit the expectations and the needs of the people who are using your focus keyword. The best way for you to know if your content will fit the desires of your target audience is to Google the focus keyword.

Look at the first 2 SERPs. Does Google show articles that are of the same concept that your article will most likely have? Does the focus keyword fit in the first 2 SERPs? If you want to write a page or blog, aim to display your page between these results while you optimize your focus keyword.

The above mentioned are only a few tips that you can follow for you to create a focus keyword in an article. It is important that you do some research first before creating a focus keyword in an article. Take time to review these tips to help you create the best focus keyword for your website.

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