Does Your Writing Style and Readability Affect How Google May Rank your Site?

A lot of business owners overlook quality content. They are more focused on making business information SEO optimized, they just use keywords without content that is not meaningful to their potential customers.

When you have the same situation, you have to understand that Google gives good search rankings to websites that are SEO optimized and with high-quality content. If you have websites without information that is amazing in quality and rich in keywords, website traffic will be never grow.

Modern search engines are hunting out content that is written in a way that someone in your profession or that of your site would write.   Don’t under estimate the value of getting this correct, it has the power to change your rankings.

You may choose to use a company that can write copy for your site that is accurate and intensively related to your area of interest.   Make sure whoever is writing your content, knows how your business works and the way your documents are formed.

How does Google Define High-Quality Content?

As a business owner, you have to understand how Google identifies high-quality content. Below are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Trustworthy Information – Do you always provide a trustworthy source of information? If so, you will never have a hard time to achieve great Google search rankings.  Make sure your content is accurate and informatively correct and you will be on a winner!
  • Original Content – Before publishing your final content, make sure it is unique and don’t copy it from other websites.   Search engines are smart and if you are just reusing content already available, it won’t help you reach that quality score you are aiming for.
  • Content with Valuable Insight – Aside from that, spend the time to ascertain whether your content provides valuable insight or not among your target audience. When it is not useful and meaningless, keep making revisions, until you get it right. In addition, find out a provider who is capable of performing such technical responsibility.
  • In-depth Content – Search Engine Optimization can ensure amazing Google search rankings. However, shallow content can greatly affect good search engine results. So, providing in-depth content plays a crucial role in search rankings as well as website traffic.
  • Content that is geared towards Search Engines and Readers’ Interests – The data that appears on your site should not only be geared towards search engines but also to the interest of your target readers. Though you have content that is rich in keywords, it will be useless when it does not capture your customers attention.

Indeed, meaningful and quality content is very striking in ensuring magnificent Google search rankings. When you provide content that is useful and SEO optimized, boosting your sales and revenues will be as easy as pie. If you are not competent and qualified in writing awesome content, hire a well-equipped provider instead. Within a short time, you can witness a drastic change in your business operations.

There is no quick fix here, it does take time and effort.  My writing is probably not the best example of what I am trying to explain, but this is more a thought process I am going through.

2 thoughts on “Does Your Writing Style and Readability Affect How Google May Rank your Site?

  1. I’ve always been curious how important your writing style is. Guess it makes sense considering people actually need to be able to read and engage with the content! Another great article.

    1. Thanks so much Marvin. Certainly true! A lot of people miss this part out when it comes to content on their website. Glad I could help 🙂

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