How to Improve your Websites SEO Ranking Using Good Quality Content

When it comes to achieving success in SEO, content is king. It it now a given,  that in order to create a solid foundation in supporting your efforts in SEO, you need to write content that works. Quality content is your weapon in the battle for SEO ranking. If you are wondering how you can improve your website’s SEO ranking using good quality content, here is how.

Creating Quality Content

More than anything else, you need ensure that you produce quality content. When you are selling something, you should not just create a brochure like everyone does. You need to give your readers something they can engage with and is worth while. You need to offer them something of real value and that has substance. You must offer them something useful, unique and different that your competitors will not be able to provide.

Write your content using the right language

After creating quality content, the factor you need to consider is your keyword research. Your content must contain good and strong key words. Take time to figure out how people will find your site and what words or phrases they will use to search with.. Your content must include the keywords, which should be the actual term that people use for their searches.  This way, you can produce a quality content that can effectively answer their queries.  It is essential that your content is written in the same language that your customers and potential ones are using when they search.

Use the keywords

After you research the right language and the keywords, it is time to use them in your content. Now, how often should you use the particular word? For best results, you should repeat the word in your content for at least 5 times. You can also seek out a 2.45% density for the keywords for your content. However, the density and number does not really guarantee anything. It would be a matter of common sense. You must use them naturally throughout your content. Forcing them in your content for the sake of the keyword density might just ruin the quality.  Remember the actual context and way the article is written influences how your key terms will be ranked.

Keep your content fresh

Your web page contents must not just be of high quality. You also need to make sure that you keep it fresh.  Both the users and search engines continue to look for new and updated articles.  Keep the information flowing, add new posts, articles and documents, to keep people coming back for more.


To repeat how we started – content is king.   Fresh, updated relevant information will help influence people and search engines alike to categorize your content and keep coming back for me.  There is no real other way around it – a little effort will help you build your results and improve your rankings.   Give it a go and see what happens !

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